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We at Lens Karaoke only use the best sound systems with superb quality kit for your enjoyment. We don’t use illegal downloads or any second rate ancient kit. We keep up to date with whats happening in the world of karaoke and always have the latest tracks as soon as they’e released. So get yourself down to the best in town and start singing
If you own a smart phone or ipod touch did you know you can download a small app that allows you to search my karaoke library whilst at a venue. You can also organise your songs to sing for the night and delete tracks you no longer wish to sing. The app cost 99cents (about 70p) and works great. For more info speak to Len.
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Did you know you can hire Lens Karaoke for your party. As well as organising the catering I can also source the venue, or if you prefer we’ll just DJ for you. All you need to think about is having as much fun as you can
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Welcome to my latest update. I hope you’re all looking forward to a great season full of singing. There’s a great daytime singing venues now for singers and listeners alike. You can sing (instead of shopping) at Winters on Little Underbank, Stockport on Friday Saturday and Sundays from 4pm.

After a huge re-furb at the Finger Post. Rob the Landlord has continued to work hard to keep in the forefront and it’s paid off big time. His great meals are still the talk of the town The function room is fully operational, and the locals are taking full advantage, using the room for free. This is where the Karaoke is held every Sunday

Winters is one of the few venues to have Karaoke on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon with Gail on Fridays, & Sundays and Andrea & Lee on Saturdays. All the regulars love it and as a result it’s one of the busiest karaokes I’ve ever known. Glen & Sue continue to do a stirling job

The Royal Oak on Castle Street, Edgeley is run by the very amiable Darron, who’s name is partly resulting from his father Ron. The Karaoke is on every Friday & Sunday night with Presenters Lee & Andrea

A new addition is The White Hart in Hazel Grove where Karaoke is presented every Friday Night night from 9pm by Jen. The Landlady Anna is helped by her sister Maria and  they always give a warm welcome

On Friday night another addition is The Travelers Call, Great Moor. The Landlady is long standing Marion. A Small intimate venue with a big atmosphere, great locals that make you feel very welcome

Every other Thursday/Sunday night at The Bird in Hand, Hazel Grove. The karaoke starts at 8pm and goes on till midnight. The team running the pub are great and you’re assured a very warm welcome with a great atmosphere

Then there’s the first Saturday of every month we’re at The Horseshoe in High Lane. A great venue but the Landlord is a little mad which make the night go with a blast. The Karaoke is presented by Luke from 9pm till 1am

We mustn’t forget the last Saturday of each month at The Alexandra on Northgate Road, Edgeley. The pub has a unique old world feel. You should visit this pub for the experience alone as it has been used in period dramas on TV shows

Updated 29/10/2014