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I’ve twice been involved in the Stockport carnival and on both occasions we won the first prize for entertainment. We had great volume and sound quality. We don’t just give volume when it’s needed, we give quality volume. If your venue requires loud volume there’ll be no distortion, just smooth, top quality, beautiful music

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Karaoke Disc For Sale
Click here for a selection of New CDG karaoke disc, not copies. Mostly Sunfly’s.
If the disc you want isn’t here email me and I’ll try to get the one you want. Please note I don’t sell copies.Disc_from_Lens_Karaoke.html
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If you need to contact me by email be assured I do check my email at least daily, if not more than once a day, and I will always respond as soon as is practical. If you need to contact me quickly please phone me
We only use Bose Speakers and occasionally Wharfdale Speakers so you enjoy the best sound to make the night great, but, there’s no point using great speakers and then using cheap Microphones. The same is  true for all the rest of the kit a DJ uses, so, we use AGK microphones and the some of the best Karaoke kit on the market along with Apple computers that are known the world over for there reliability and outstanding sound quality
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Our customers tell us we have the best karaoke sound and list they have ever heard and seen. Every track we play is a bought track so there’s never an issue of tracks breaking down halfway through and, as we are fully ProDub licensed, the music police will never break up the party. It’s your party so get the best, you deserve it.

Looking for a vocalist to get your party into the swing of things, then look no further. Male and female vocalist available or a mixture of both.

Children's parties also catered for with party games and prizes. Contact me to discuss your requirements and let the kids play.mailto:sing@lenskaraoke.comshapeimage_16_link_0

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