Last weekend I presented karaoke for over 24 hours. I thought when I first started to “do” karaoke I’d have an easier life but it was a dream world. I ran a shop with Viv for 11 years and thought that was hectic but how wrong was I. Presenting karaoke certainly has its benefits, like being able to listen and watch everyone having lots of fun but I pay for it. I work harder now presenting and organising karaoke than I’ve ever worked before. On top of my karaoke work I’ve beed busy building websites of late and I must say web building can be a welcome change.

I did say in the last update that I tell you some odd or funny things that’s happened to me during all the stuff I’ve done in my life.

Well here goes.

I said in the past that we used to do a bit of sailing. We used to own a 20ft yacht and we had it moored in Conway harbour. The only damage I ever did to myself (other that embarrassment) was to break several ribs when someone came to “help” me launch the bloody thing. They say when you own a boat it’s a bit like owning a hole in the water that you need to keep throwing money into. We did have lots of fun in it though.

Our first encounter with sailing meant getting very wet when we tried out sailing in a small dingy on the shore at Llandudno. We were coming home from our shop at the end of the day and we decided to stop to go for a walk on the beach when we were approached by the guy with a true sailors hairy face. He just shouted “two more volunteers here and before we knew it we were in the water trying to get back in the dingy that had just thrown us out so it could throw us out again, stupid really but it wet our appetite (forgive the pun). We then learned to sail off the south coast of England with a sailing school and loved it. I never thought that 20 years later I’d be a landlubber. We were going to sail around the world and leave the rat race behind. I could never imagine doing that now I run karaoke. Nothing compares with that.

When Viv was learning Spanish we went to Spain whilst she attended advanced Spanish lessons. Whilst there we shared a flat with a German and two Italians. The German spoke very little English and I spoke very little German and I told him “Ich spreken inbichian Doich” German for I speak very little German, and then I said “pero no muwy bien” Spanish for but not very good. I think we needed help to get by
Viv keeps going on at me to try horse riding and I’m resisting. If I was meant to ride a horse I’d have wings and I’d live on manure and blood (if thats what horse flies live on)
I’ve never even been on a donkey on the beach. I’ve got legs, will walk. After all, horse are huge and I don’t wanna fall and break a leg. If I did I’d need to ride a horse
My latest artist choice to sing is Al Martino, who made musical history because he had the very 1st number one in the UK charts back in 1952 with Here In My Heart. There’ll always be a revival of some of the old singers. Look at Michael Buble, Robbie Williams and Rod Stewart. Thankfully, some old tracks will never die

On our wedding night, like most newly weds we just wanted to go to bed, but before we could do that we needed to get to one. The only way we could get home was to thumb a lift from Glasgow to Stockport, we got a lift of a truck driver and the truck broke down so we ended up pushing the truck backwards down the M6 motorway to restart the engine. Remember, this was our wedding night! That ruined the wedding night cos we had no energy left to go upstairs to bed and slept on the settee. Who says romance is dead.

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