I’ve started to use LED disco lights for my karaoke nights rather that the traditional hot tungsten light. They not only use a fraction of the power (20 watt compared to 100 watt) and they don’t produce any heat, but did you know that bugs can’t (see) the light from an LED.
If your house was only lit using LED’s and all your doors were open, no bugs would fly in pursuing the light.
If your neighbour had the tungsten lights and all the door open, all the bugs would go there. Unfortunately the new energy saver light bulbs also invite the bugs in. So to keep moths and all from entering your home fit LED lights inside the house and give a gift to your neighbours by the way of all your tungsten bulbs and save yourself from all the horrors of a bugs life.

A British man has won the world speed record for a petrol driven lawnmower at Pendine Sands in Carmarthenshire at a speed of 87.833mph. They’ll go to any lengths to improve tourism these days but cutting the sand is a bit rich! More infolandspeed_record_for_a_lawnmower_stockport_karaoke.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
The most portrayed movie character ever with over 70 actors playing the part in over 200 films is Sherlock Holmes. Creared by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887  he wrote 4 novels and a further 56 short stories
The giraffe can drink 12 gallons of water in one sitting but can go for long periods without drinking at all. In fact, a giraffe can go longer without water than a camel.But I want to know, can they belt out a song at karaoke after drinking 12 gallons of beer?

A jumbo jet uses 4000 gallons (or 400 ton)of jet fuel to take off.
Over a course of a 10 hour flight it will burn about 36,000 gallons and that equates to about one gallon of fuel every second or five gallons per mile. Phew.
Did you know that the former Infirmary on the A6 was built using only donations from the public. It cost £5,300 to build and was started in 1832 and completed and opened in 1833.It has been a medical site since 1792 More Infostockport_infirmary.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
A US university study of children's TV watching habits has relieved disturbing data. Children that watch too much TV are prone to do badly at school and are more likely to eat more junk food resulting in unhealthy, overweight and less intelligent offspring. So, get them away from the box and bring them to a daytime karaoke. See MoreTV_can_be_harmful_lenskaraoke.htmlhttp://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_5_link_0

I’ve been on a diet recently and so far I’ve lost just over one stone. It’s not been easy but spare a thought for Michel Lotito (aka Monsieur Mangetout) from Grenoble, France, he’s been eating metal and glass since 1959. Gastroenterologists have described his ability to consume 900 g (2 lb) of metal per day as "unique". Mangetout - Michel's nickname - literally translates as "eats everything". Michel says bananas and hard-boiled eggs make him sick. weird or what.

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Did you know that a lazy snail can sleep for three years with some sleeping for six years.
For more unusual snail facts,
click here.snail_facts.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0
Coned off

I hate traffic cones, but David Morgan (UK) seems to like them.

He has a collection of 137 different traffic cones.                           

David owns a cone from about two thirds of all types ever made. So that means there are about 182 different types of cone


that still live on today. For more info click here

Gross Auction

The autopsy tools used for Elvis Presley were put up for auction by an unnamed senior embalmer at the Memphis Funeral Home where the body of the rock ‘n’ roll legend was stored prior to his funeral. but the claims were called into question after another employee suggested the equipment was sterilised and used again in other autopsies. The auction was due to feature forceps, needle injectors, aneurysm hooks, an arterial tube and lip brushes used during autopsy following Presley’s death in 1977. The sale was also set to include rubber gloves, a comb, eye liner and even a toe tag for identifying Presley’s corpse in the morgue. The instruments were expected to sell for a total of $14,000 ..........How gross is that!

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Jaw blimey

A police officer managed to arrest a criminal on Friday 13 despite getting his own pepper spray in his eyes, dislocating his jaw and being shot by a Taser.

Pc Jason Mepham was answering reports of a disturbance in Redruth, Cornwall and got into a situation with Jason King where he felt it necessary to use his pepper spray. But a blast of gas was blown into his own face by the wind, and during his temporary incapacity he was punched by another man, dislocating his jaw.

A back-up officer rushed to intervene, shooting a Taser gun which unfortunately hit Pc Mepham. King took the opportunity to kick Pc Mepham in the face, helpfully popping his jaw back into place.

Unlucky Escape

A motorist involved in a high-speed car chase in Ohio abandoned his vehicle and attempted to flee by jumping over a nearby fence. What he didn't realise is that he jumped the fence to a prison. He and the passengers that fled in a different direction were unsurprisingly caught, and arrested.

After the beep...

Government employees still working despite Monday's strike were told to 'imitate answer machines' to cope with calls from the public. Staff at the Department for Work and Pensions in Carlisle said they were given a brief script to read out, in the style of a telephone answering machine, before hanging up. The instruction by managers was leaked on Facebook after chit-chat between strikers from the Public and Commercial Services Union and their colleagues who had stayed at work

Pipe dreams

A man was rushed to casualty this week after his penis became lodged in a steel pipe and had to be cut free by fire fighters. The unnamed man's penis could not be extracted from the stainless steel pipe by staff at Southampton General Hospital because the restricted blood flow had caused him to become aroused. The Hampshire Fire and Rescue service was called and firemen cut him free using a metal grinder.

Not so secret now

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