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Karaoke Disc For Sale
Click here for a selection of New CDG karaoke disc, not copies. Mostly Sunfly’s.
If the disc you want isn’t here email me and I’ll try to get the one you want. Please note I don’t sell copies.Disc_from_Lens_Karaoke.html
If your local needs great Karaoke look no further. Just give the Landlord my details and before you know it I’ll be there.

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We at Lens Karaoke only use the best sound systems with superb quality kit for your enjoyment. We don’t use illegal downloads or any second rate ancient kit. We keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of karaoke and always have the latest tracks as soon as they’e released. So get yourself down to the best in town and start singing
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The Finger Post with Cheryl/Len from 8pm till midnight. Click here for more infofinger_post_offerton_stockport.html
Winters, with Gail from 4pm - 8pm. Click here for more infowinters_stockport.html
Winters, with Lee & Andrea from 5pm till 10pm. Click here for more infowinters_underbank_stockport.html
The first Saturday of every month at The Horseshoe High Lane 9pm till 1amHorseshoe_High_Lane.html
Royal Oak Castle St with Lee & Andrea. From 8pm till Midnight. Click here for more info Royal_Oak_Egeley_Stockport.html
White Hart
Hazel Grove
9pm-1am with Jen Click here for more infoThe_White_Hart_Hazel_Grove.html

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Landlords, Landladies 
To get the Best Karaoke in town at your venue, click here to go to the contact page. You don’t only get great Karaoke but a whole host of advertising, a web presence, & receipts for all monies paid. We have full Public Liability Insurance and we only use kit that has it’s P.A.T. certificate. Any lights we use are either Laser or low energy consumption LED’s. We don’t use hot power hungry lights. We use Apple computers that rarely crash and are the most energy efficient computers in the worldcontact_me_karaoke_stockport.html
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Unit 10,
Upper Ground Floor,
Broadstone Mill,
Broadstone Road,
Reddish, Stockport, SK5 7DL
0161 443 4178
If you’re a Landlord or Landlady click here to see how we can help create successful karaoke nightspubs_to_let_stockport.html
Winters, with Gail from 5pm - 9pm. Click here for more infowinters_stockport.html
Royal Oak Castle St with Lee & Andrea. From 8pm till Midnight. Click here for more info Royal_Oak_Egeley_Stockport.html
Travelers Call Great Moor with Jak 8pm till 12pm Click here for more infoTravellers_Call.html
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and get
your pub here!!contact_me_karaoke_stockport.html
The 2nd & 4th Saturday of every month The Plough, Shaw Heath
8 till 12pmPlough_Shaw_Heath_Stockport.html

Updated 1/4/2015

Dane Bank
with Luke
8pm till 12pm
Click here for more infoDane_Bank_Denton.html